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Donation Requests

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Montana Book Company. 

We are often asked to support local organizations, groups and nonprofits, and are deeply invested in our community and community building. Therefore, we have built into our business a model for supporting nonprofits and community organizations who work on issues of arts, cultural preservation, education, health, literacy, and social justice such as some of the entities which we regularly support including Helena Education Foundation, Helena School District, Holter Museum of ArtMontana Racial Equity ProjectMontana Human Rights NetworkNational Alliance on Mental Health - HelenaTransgender Law Center, National Abortion FundsPlanned Parenthood and various other local organizations and nonprofits. 

Our mission is central to our business, and we believe in inclusion and equity of all persons, and bodily autonomy. Our mission is: To provide a space where everyone is welcomed and and has access to stories that reflect their experience, as well as work to build community and defend equal rights through promoting engagement in social justice through advocacy and philanthropy. 

We ask that the organizations that request donations and sponsorships have a nondiscrimination policy in place or are working on one that includes all abilities, ages, ethnicities, gender identities, languages, races, religions, sexes and sexual orientations.

If your organization agrees that this work is important and is working towards a more fair and equitable society, please feel free to complete this application for consideration.